From computers to luggage, keeping track of personal and business property is now possible with compact, extended battery life trackers such as the GL series from Queclink . The GL series offers compact size products with advanced power management and high quality GPS and GSM chipsets making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The GL500 and GL505 offer best in class standby times of 1000 days in an extremely compact and optionally water proof enclosure.
Many industries such as construction and utility services require employees to work alone for long periods and in challenging environments. In many cases, working alone can be dangerous, decrease productivity, and increase company liabilities. Assure the safety and productivity of your lone workers through GPS tracking.
Queclink offers solutions for monitoring the safety of elderly, disabled, infirm and other people at risk. Giving a mobile device designed to meet specific needs of these groups of people can give them a new independence.
Queclink provides a wide variety of products offering remote monitoring of equipment and devices in the field to improve efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately improve service availability.
Queclink products are ideal for integration into fleet management software platforms. Queclink offers a wide variety of products to suit all fleet management requirements.