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WideTech is much more than just a technology company. We prioritize customers with custom tailored, easy and effective solutions. WideTech is a company’s guiding star upon the horizon, always reliable and poised to help ensure optimization in any business. The most important qualities for a Guide Star, is that it shows the truth, and makes us wiser.


WideTech is a pioneer in the Americas in logistics administration for vehicular fleets and field staff. All of our technology allows automated monitoring through global positioning systems (GPS) and telemetric technology.


WideTech has a firm base in Columbia of network support with operations in over 26 countries. We specialize in private and public sector control of mobile assets and people.


The WideTech mission is to provide solutions for a dynamic mix of problems that are faced in an array of companies. Our research and development department consists of a large team of certified engineers. The staff at WideTech is focused in providing real solutions presenting in real time customer support, helping you to make timely decisions to protect your business.


Understanding that through an extreme amount of time and dedication, we at WideTech have collected and adapted our technology to offer the best product possible. We at WideTech see that in order to be a competitive GPS and logistics provider, it is necessary to always be at the cutting edge.