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Key Telematics

Think of Key Telematics as your R&D partner in Telemetry software.

Businesses in over 26 different countries rely on Key Telematics expertise gained over the last 15 years for their solution. 



Designed for You

Key Telematics is the finest telemetry software platform available to providers of tracking and fleet management solutions.

The Key Telematics software platform has been developed specifically with the vendor of telemetry solutions in mind.  It is the administrative tools that really impress our customers and make supporting their clients effortless.


Key Telematics’ Clients

Key Telematics do not make their software available to end users, so they will never compete with their customers. Their customers operate in diverse markets such as aviation, marine, mining, cold chain management, public transport, radio communication, emergency services, to name but a few. Using Key Telematics is like having your own development team without the pain of the overhead.


Key Telematics has integrated all Queclink devices and customers are welcomed to test Queclink devices for free on their platform.

Please contact info@keytelematics.com

For further information, please visit http://www.keytelematics.com.