Our Partner

An IoT company for smart products and services enabling smart care, personal safety and operational intelligence and visibility integrates with devices from Queclink.

Cybermapa is a leading company developing and providing software solutions for location-based services and GPS tracking, specialized in understanding and meeting the needs of the market in North America, Central America and South America. It provides a cloud based, white labelled and multilingual platform.


1.REX SERVICES, a.s. is a leading provider of solutions and services for localization, monitoring, guarding of real estate as well as movable assets, vehicles and people. It is Queclink’s partner in Europe.

M2M Aplicaciones is a Spanish company providing tracking tools and experience. It is Queclink’s distributor in Spain.

TRS-STAR specializes in Telematics, Telemetry and M2M business. It is Queclink’s European distribution and solution partner.