Our Partner

Gurtam is a Belarus-based company specializing in development of telematics software solutions, with sales offices in Moscow (Russia), Kaunas (Lithuania), Boston (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Dubai (UAE).

Tago offers a complete end-to-end cloud platform for businesses to enable the implementation of their connected product solution.

WideTech is a leading GPS and logistics provider in the Americas, providing logistics administration services for vehicular fleets and field staff through GPS and telemetric technology. It is Queclink’s distribution partner in the Americas.

Evotracking is a complete telematics solution provider for GPS tracking and fleet management delivered through the EVO GPS software platform that integrates with many hardware solutions to support partners worldwide.

The company Eurosat CS is based in Brno. It is a Czech company founded in 1995. Since the very beginning of its existence, the company focuses on wholesale sales of security equipment, surveillance equipment and access control systems.