Our Partner

Gurtam is a Belarus-based company specializing in the development of telematics software solutions with sales offices in Moscow (Russia), Boston (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Dubai (UAE).

Monito is a distributor of Queclink’s devices in Europe.

Escort is an international manufacturer of measuring equipment for GPS/Glonass satellite systems of transport monitoring: fuel level sensors, control detectors for mechanisms and materials for road, construction, public utility and agricultural machines.
Escort provide reliable equipment with broad functional capabilities for effective management of the automobile fleet.

Quatenus provides innovative asset management/IOT platform to companies across the globe. Quatenus solutions are cloud based, mobile, white labelled that manages FLEET, MACHINES, PEOPLE AND THINGS. Having representation in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Quatenus is privately held company based in Lisbon, Portugal.



TagoIO offers a complete end-to-end cloud platform for businesses to enable the implementation of their connected product solution.