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Queclink’s GV350MG: The First 4G GPS Tracking Device Approved by CITC in KSA

First in Saudi Arabia 
Queclink is proud to announce that our GV350MG becomes the VERY FIRST LTE GNSS tracking device approved by The Communications and Information Technology Commission (a.k.a. CITC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (a.k.a. KSA). This means that Queclink, as a world leading manufacturer of telematics and IoT hardware, provides a 4G GPS tracker that is certified by CITC – a prerequisite for cellular devices to enter the Saudi market. 
Since January 2020 the Saudi communications authority mandates that all network based equipment must support 4G as a requirement for equipment approval and Customs clearance. This has come as a part of the Kingdom’s long-term vision to revamp the 2G/3G infrastructure in near future.
Future-Proof GV350MG
The GV350MG is the 4G version of our superstar product GV300 series, one of the most classic tracking devices on which Queclink built its fame. The GV350MG supports the LTE Cat M1/NB1 network with fallback to 2G. The product is future-proof and ideal for customers expecting to transition between 2G and LTE during the lifecycle of their service offerings. The device offers excellent 2G support, and as 4G is rolled out, a simple upgrade to the SIM will enable LTE support.
With multiple interfaces, the GV350MG offers support for a wide range of external peripherals and I/O options. As is much needed in KSA, it supports weight/load sensor via analog input and RS232 serial ports, as well as wireless temperature and humidity sensor via Bluetooth (optional). We understand that weight and temperature measurement is mandatory and crucial for commercial vehicles to comply with nationwide projects launched by the Ministry of Transport and Saudi Food & Drug Authority. 
Besides, as an ideal tracking device for transportation monitoring, cold chain logistics and fleet management, the device can be easily connected to ultrasonic fuel level sensor, iButton, buzzer, 1-wire temperature sensor, RFID reader, RS232 camera, CAN100 for decoding information from CAN bus and J1708, etc. 
An LTE Technology Solutions Pioneer in IoT
As one of the first to market with a full suite of 4G tracking devices, Queclink’s early adoption of LTE technology has allowed us to establish a significant deployed base worldwide. Our mass production of stable LTE devices for markets like North America dates back to early 2018. 
Queclink, an LTE technology solutions pioneer in IoT, has helped a large number of customers smoothly transition from 2G/3G to 4G in the past over two years. Join them to garner the benefits today!
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