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Queclink Anounces Strategic Partnership Deal with Leader Products Pty Ltd.

Queclink Wireless Solutions is proud to announce a landmark strategic partnership deal with Leader Products Pty Ltd., an Australian company with vast global experience in the livestock identification, tagging, and tracking industries. The deal includes confirmation of Queclink as Leader Products’ exclusive international product distributor outside Australia and New Zealand, as well as supply and R&D agreements that offer Queclink exclusive rights to supply a wide range of products as well as R&D services to Leader Products.


Incorporated in 1948, Leader Products is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of livestock identification devices and a wholesale distributor of an extensive range of veterinary and animal husbandry products. 


The company introduced Australia’s first plastic ear tags for sheep in 1950, and quickly grew to become the predominant supplier of tags to the Australian and New Zealand sheep industries by 1956. Since moving into cattle tag production in the 1960s, Leader Products has established itself as a global leader in the business, standing at the forefront of the industry by creating new technology for all types of livestock identification devices.


Through this exciting partnership, Queclink looks forward to accelerating the modernization of livestock identification technologies by combining its extensive mobile tracking R&D capabilities with Leader Products’ rich industrial expertise.


Queclink’s plans for 2018 include establishing new production facilities to supply Leader Products to the Australian and New Zealand markets as well as extending the sales and supply network into Canada, the US and the UK. By introducing innovative technologies and solutions developed by a team of experts, Queclink aspires to revolutionize the livestock business, paving the way towards a more streamlined and sustainable future.


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