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Queclink Uniting GpsGate Launches Asset Protection Solution

It is the remarkable event in September that Queclink combines our well-established partner GpsGate launches the joint Asset Protection solution, opening up a new business opportunity in the asset protection field.



Taking the best of both Queclink and GpsGate, the joint solution is realized via Queclink’s GL-series devices integrated into advanced GpsGate Server platform.


The GL-series devices are especially designed for asset tracking applications. Noticeable are their rapid and covert installations to allow ‘low-profile’ protection of valuable assets such as vehicles and containers, etc. These series are designed waterproof and can support ultra-long standby time of up to 5 years. Besides, successful stories have come true that GL-series products achieved asset recovery from the theft.



GpsGate acts as the platform provider for joint solution, which independently develops GpsGate Server supports Queclink trackers. The GpsGate Server is renowned as a leading web-based GPS tracking platform that supports localization, re-branding, application extension and integration with other systems. By integration of the GL-series into GpsGate Server, it fulfills the original intention of ‘Asset Protection’ concept.


Thanks to the joint solution, end users can now feel more ease if leave their valuable asset at parking spots or marinas. They manage their asset and lock them to a specific area via mobile app, gain complete visibility of their asset on the app map when it is still, or receive alerts on the phone when it is moved. Furthermore, the solution also brings about economic benefits: not only does it increase the chance of recovering from theft, but it can also grant a reduced insurance premium from insurance companies.



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