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Queclink's GV-Series: Make Journeys Safer!

On July 6, 2017 aftrnoon, a rear-end collision was reported between a truck and the front tour bus that led to the bus's crash into an oncoming sedan at a National Highway in Hebei, China. The accident has taken away 9 persons' lives and responsible for 28 persons' injuries. According to investigation, the overloaded truck accounted for main reason of the accident, which drove overly fast down a long route when it failed to avoid the bus in front, eventually resulted in the grave accident.


For this, specialized devices would be a strong help to reduce vehicle accidents, if it monitors the vehicle position and status and report it to fleet managers for them to take measures.


Here are Queclink’s GV Series. In public transportation management, fleet managers can use their basic tracking function to gain vehicle’s positions, and with plenty of extensions to acquire vehicles' real-time status.


What is it like to use GV Series in journeys? 


Queclink's GV-Series can be easily installed and instatly applied after connected to the vehicle power. Some of the series products with compact designs can realize covert installation, therefore are less possibly dissembled. Before the vehicle sets off, managers can also preset plenty of geo-fences regions to regulate the driver’s route.


During the journey, GV-series have internal u-blox GPS receiver that monitor and report the vehicles’ locations to fleet managers. With the 3-axis accelerometer, managers are informed of any harsh acceleration or braking behaviors of the driver, and, once the vehicle is driving with unusual speed, they can also receive a speed alarm. Besides, the fuel consumption status also visible as ultrasonic fuel sensor is provided as an optional accessory.


Queclink's GV-Series' function of real-time monitoring worths attention from all fleet managers, which will enables the series to be a right hand for safe journeys.