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GV600W Series Benefit Different Transport Vehicles

Long-distance transportation can be an issue of concerns by tankers, trailers or trucks. However, Queclink’s GV600W series help you see through the whole process with different vehicle types.


Flexible Mounting Positions


The compact GV600W series with ruggedized cases than ever can be mounted under the trailer floor, behind the plates or on the chassis of tankers, trailers, flatbed trucks or anywhere else of transport vehicles you envisage. Install them on your vehicles where could be contaminated by grease or exposed to rainwater and dust, the devices will maintain waterproof, salt and grease resistant for normal functions. 


No worry is needed for power supply at such positions. The GV600W series have been embedded a 5200mAh rechargeable battery pack and support up to 90-day standby time by recharged once. Although they have no battery replacement costs and do not always rely on external batteries, if you wish, the series can still connect to external powers from 8V-32V within your vehicles. 


More than Just Trackers in Transportations


Undoubtedly, all transport vehicles can use the GV600W series to achieve an accurate and fast locating result with the u-blox GPS receiver. However, if you have temperature-sensitive cargo delivered by cold trucks, then GV600W series will also be ideal, with a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature is kept at a required level, and once it goes beyond your preset range, the devices give alert. Besides, the GV608W series can detect and control other more external devices via an 18 pin waterproof connector and a variety input/ output interfaces.


Benefits to American and Worldwide Vehicles


Now that the GV600W series benefit your transport vehicles, they can benefit wherever they are around the world:


 GV600W series include three models


With the three models, the series offer not only 2G device GV608 for general application around the world, they are also dedicated to American users with the 3G product GV628W. Wherever you are, pick Queclink GV600W series and enjoy complete visibility of your transport journeys!