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Celebrations to Queclink Mexico Office for the 3rd Birthday

In July, Queclink is delighted to celebrate our Mexico Office for its 3rd anniversary of establishment!


Founded in 2014, Queclink Mexico Office in Mexico City has been a part of our strategy for American market development. With Queclink technical professionals, the office was set to realize 24-hour seamless services for local customers, and has successfully tackled all kinds of after-sales problems including integration, testing and operating guidance.


Throughout the three-year journey from technical support, our Mexico Office has marched in to an American base, which involves in not only aftermarket services, and also sales business with an expanding team, providing services for our customers from North, Central and South Americas. As an important and indispensable part of Queclink, the Office has gained deep insight into American local market and established our good reputations there.


By this opportunity, we sincerely wish our Mexico Office would embrace a brighter year in the future. All Queclink staffs both in China and overseas will work hard and continuously bring the best to our customers!