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Queclink Launches Rechargeable Trailer Tracking Devices GV600W Series

Queclink releases rechargeable trailer tracking devices GV600W Series -- a series of rugged devices designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications especially for trailers, trucks and other assets where power is occasionally available.


The waterproof IP67, grease and salt resistant GV600W Series design, allows reliable performance in tough environments. With two rechargeable 5,200 mAh Li-ion internal batteries, GV600W Series can support up to 90 days standby time with 15 minutes online and once report per day.


In addition, GV600W Series have multiple I/O interfaces which can be used for monitoring or controlling external devices, including a 1-wire interface used for temperature monitoring.


GV600W Series include two sub models GV608 and GV628W. GV608 supports worldwide quad band GSM/GPRS; GV628W supports dual band GSM/GPRS and dual band UMTS/USPA that suits American market.


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