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Queclink Releases New Product -- GB100

Queclink unveils GB100, a battery mounted vehicle telematics device that facilitates optimized solutions for insurance telematics. With reliable and accurate data such as crash time and location, GB100 can provide superior performance for insurance applications.


The device is ideal for the applications requiring low installation cost and reliable vehicle diagnostics data. It eliminates the need for complicated installation with only two wires to directly mount to vehicle’s battery. It supports driver behavior monitoring, instant incident notification and updating vehicle location every 1 second. This ensures customer to access to extensive vehicle diagnostics data, track vehicle  location and monitor key driver behavior like hard braking, cornering and acceleration.


The release of this new device represents our ongoing and strategic effort in providing enhanced solution that meets markets’ demands. Customers now have one more option to choose proper product according to their preference or practical needs. 


You are welcome to inquire us via and you can find more information about this new product at