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Queclink GV50LTA is Verizon Certified

Queclink Wireless Solutions, a leading supplier of M2M device and solutions, now announces that Verizon Wireless has certificated GV50LTA, a new tracking device designed to facilitate a broad array of connected vehicle applications.


Established in 2009 and headquartered in Shanghai, Queclink delivers world-class design and top quality tracking device with the effort of its global management team in automotive, fleet, asset and personnel tracking applications.


“We are glad to cooperate with Queclink to support global customers in advancing a new generation of LTE-powered telematics solutions.” said Mr. Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Worldwide sales and Marketing for Altair Semiconductor which is a leading provider of LTE chipsets, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the IoT.


Leveraging advanced idle and sleep mode power management, Altair's CAT-1 chipset is designed specifically for IoT and M2M applications. It offers a combination of low cost, reduced power and small size, which synchronizes with Queclink’s mission to provide reliable telematics solutions to meet customers' specific requirements.


The GV50LTA is a LTE CAT1 micro GPS tracker providing cost-optimized solution. The device integrates Altair’s LTE CAT-1 technology coupled with highly sensitive GPS receiver to deliver extensive and reliable telematics services. It features micro size, multiple I/O interfaces and straightforward integration system, supporting covert installation, remote control and easy-to-provision.   


Queclink will continue to make efforts together with proven supplies in providing customers with superior wireless M2M devices.