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Queclink Releases New Accessory CAN100


To help customers improve fleet management, Queclink has launched a new accessory CAN100 to help our GPS trackers gather logical information from vehicles.


CAN100 can decode information from vehicle digital buses CAN bus and J1708, so it can be used in most vehicles including cars, trucks, taxis and buses. The logical information gathered via CAN100 includes but not limited to fuel level, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, engine temperature, total distance, total driving time, total engine idling time, tachograph information and status of lights and doors. By working with CAN100, our GPS trackers GV200, GV300, GV300VC, GV65 and GV65 Plus, can gather these information and send it to backend servers and mobile devices via GSM/GPRS/CDMA so that the fleet managers have access to these data.


In the future, the supported logical information and vehicle models will keep increasing according to customers’ needs. If customers want to learn more about CAN100, please contact our sales managers or email at