Garmin FMI Support

Product Description: 


Queclink products offer full support for the Garmin FMI protocol.

As an accredited OEM/Hardware solution provider in the Garmin partner program, Queclink’s products offer support for the Garmin FMI protocol of version 2.7 and all the previous versions.

Installing Queclink products integrated with Garmin navigation devices provides customers with a full featured navigation, communication and tracking solution. Garmin’s best in class navigation technology entitles customers to an easy-to-use touch screen user interface. Queclink’s products provide seamless two way communication between solution providers’ backend servers and the Garmin user interface via the Queclink protocol.

  • Supported device type : GV300, GV200 and GV200G
 If you want to test the Garmin FMI solution, you can download a free tracking server here  (including 5 licenses)
In this solution you can
  • Chat with the Garmin
  • Dispatch jobs to the Garmin
  • Keep track of the device
  • Generate business critical alarms in real time
  • Generate historical reports